Saturday, June 28, 2014

Long Time No See-anythingonthisblog

I have been terrible at blog-upkeep this year. It is something I really enjoy but, unfortunately, I can't justify spending time on blogging over practice when I'm at a point in my life where I'm at the tipping point between goingtomakeit-notgoingtomakeit. Having said that: here I am! I've decided that if I've done my 4 hours practice that day, and feel like I have something to blog about, then I should do it. It's important to have non-music interests too, if not just for my mental health.

It's also been hard to blog when I've been purposefully distancing myself from reading fashion magazines or looking at stores online or even in person. But today: I fell off the wagon. I "browsed" Moda Operandi purely with the intention of gazing at some beautiful clothing, certainly not for seriously considering buying anything. Yet here I am, actually considering dropping a load (of money) on clothes. I'm appealing to you: lovely folk of the internet, to help me decide what I should do. I have been saving all this year and last to be able to sustain myself in Germany for 2 years (by the way: I'm here right now, writing from Berlin!), should I abstain and maintain shopping celibacy (hopefully no-one knows/remembers that time I bought a coat in May.. I really just fell into it) or should I throw caution to the wind and buy myself a treat and potentially not be able to afford food for a couple of months in the next year or so?

Here are the devils that have been tempting me:

The "Katia" exposed-back faille dress by Tibi. The reasons are thus: 1. I have wanted something in mint for as long as I can remember (ok not that long, but a really long time), 2. I adore things that show a bit of back and this back of the dress is to die for, and 3. It has a drop waist: perfect little touch of Gatsby that I've been longing to try since I saw Carey Mulligan in the latest movie. This beauty is $445, see all the specs here.


This Ostwald Helgason skirt. Perfect touch of gingham no? And it's on sale!! $205 check the specs.

So what's the verdict online jurors? Should I buy one (which)? Should I buy both? Should I abstain?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Snaps: Tasmania (part 2)

This is the second installation of my photos from the Tasmania trip I took in March with my boyfriend Michael. The selected photos are from our hike in Freycinet National Park. It was an unplanned thing that we ended up doing, as we were driving from northern Tas to Hobart. The main thing that drew us there was the famous Wineglass Bay, named thus because of it's shape. We figured we'd do the 2hr return hike and go for a swim at the beach in the middle (and we had picnic-style food prepared). It was a warm and sunny day, ..until we got to the beach. It was much to cold to go swimming which we discovered when we took our shoes off. It was some truly stunning scenery and a nice depiction of the best of Australian landscape. 

Check out my technology skillz: panoramas!

This wasn't part of the Wineglass Bay walk, but a view from a viewpoint we drove to.
Wineglass Bay.
The terrain.
At Wineglass Bay itself, looking out to the bay.
A rogue little wallaby that was pretty friendly.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Operation Learn German: Week 6

Last week was Week 5, which means this week is Week 6.. which means I have hardly any more time to go before I jet off to Germany!

This last week's progress has been poor. I feel like I've improved in my German conversational skills and more of the things I'm learning from my book are now coming through in my speech; this makes me happy. I desperately need to make some new flashcards but I've run out of the pad of paper I create them from (excuses excuses!) so I'd better sort that out soon. However, I have been revising them every day =) I've also got a goal of putting in some new verbs in my verb book, which has run out of space, so I need to think of a solution to that problem too. I'm going to be honest now: I haven't completed Part 3 of my book German Demystified.. Shame on me! I'm so close though so hopefully I can get that done in the next few days.

  • Complete Part 3 of my German Book. If I haven't done this next week you guys had better do something mean to me and make me feel ashamed.
  • der die das flashcards. Update the flashcards.
  • Verbs. Update my verbs book.
  • 3 x 20 minute German conversations. I've got another friend added to my arsenal of German speaking friends =)
This was taken in Stockholm. Cute letter boxes!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Operation Learn German: Week 5

Oh dear! I can't believe how close it's getting.. Week 5 of  9 (FREAKOUT!!!!)
Well Week 4 wasn't the greatest of successes.. I'm falling way behind with my study in regards to using my German book. However, I did manage to have the best conversations I have had yet. I was able to communicate a little more comfortably and closer to what I actually wanted to say so that felt good. I updated my der die das flashcards and I revised them, and my verbs book, much more than I had in any other week. This week I need to update my verbs book, now that I'm getting most of them firmly in my head, and work on my German book study.

  • Complete Part 3 of my German book. I really want to move forward through this book!
  • der die das flashcards. Continue to add more vocab and update, revise them at least 4 times this week.
  • Verbs. Add to my book, stop revising the ones that I find easy now. Revise them at least 4 times this week.
  • German conversations. I'm getting better at this one so hopefully I can do the same as last week.

This was taken in Salzburg.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Snaps: Tasmania (part 1..)

In March I went to Tasmania, with my boyfriend Michael, for a whole week! I didn't bring my viola, I didn't bring anything except clothes (lots), a sense of adventure, and the tour booklet I made (yes: massive nerd and proud of it!). It was the most amazing week and we did so many excellent things! I was going to share them all in a Happy Snaps post but there are just too many things to cover so I'm going to do it in parts.

This first part is happy snaps of the boat cruise we did from Bruny Island. Tasmania itself is an island and then it has other islands as part of it. An island of an island! We did the boat cruise as part of a Pennicott Wilderness Journey; a company started and owned by Robert Pennicott. It was a moment of uncanniness when we realised that we had done a canyoning trip in Cradle Mountain with him! We didn't know it at the time that we were amongst Tasmanian and tourism celebrity. It was a fantastic tour and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll just get on with it:

Ever fashionable protective gear.
More Albatross!
Blow hole.
Cool rock formation.
Pretty sure this is called Dollarmite rock (don't take my word for it..)
That water..

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekly Wish-list

I cannot get over how cool this dress is. It is so amazing!!! Carven has integrated gingham to perfection. I find the soft colour of the gingham gives an old-charm feel while its appliqué on the bodice creates a modern feel. I absolutely love it for its quirkiness: it's certainly not a piece you'd find anywhere else or on anyone else!

Found on Moda Operandi. Volunteers from anyone wanting to be my personal benefactor?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Operation Learn German: Week 4

Last week was Week 3 and it went very slowly for my German. I think I've reached a sort of impasse where my brain won't absorb any more information without really really trying. So really really try I must! I almost completed three chapters from my German book, as set last week in my goals, but I found I was getting more and more incorrect answers in the quizzes so I clearly wasn't totally understanding. I decided to go back and work through some of the chapters again, focusing on my weak points. So it may feel like a step back but one step back, two steps forwards (I hope). I updated my der die das flashcards and that's all going fine, but should probably do it absolutely every day (I know I said that last week..) and my verb book is full now! I need to make sure I do these every day and start from the back because the last ones are my weakest. My conversation goals were reached, but I was really really slow in one of them. It seems to take me ages to form my sentences and even though I know a lot of things I seem to only be able to verbalise 30% of my knowledge and put it into practice. So this week's goals:

  • Complete Part Three of my German book. With the going backwards I should be able to complete this part of the book properly now and get some good results in the end of part test.
  • Use my der die das flashcards every day!!! In the words of Nike: just do it!
  • Verbs EVERY DAY!! And maybe conjugate a few random ones in all tenses here and there when I have time.
  • Have four conversations of 20 minutes with a German speaker. A friend of mine's mother is a German teacher by Skype so maybe I'll try to have a session with her.
This was taken in the Jewish museum in Berlin.